Underwear Care

How to wash and care your Jack Adams

  • 1: Always separate the whites from the darks and wash separately
  • 2: Wash with cold to warm water, not hot.
  • 3: Machine wash on the delicate cycle.


How to dry your Jack Adams

  • Best: Air dry. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • In a Hurry: Tumble dry on the cool to warm fluffing cycle and remove immediately after.


Common mistakes to underwear care:

  • HIGH HEAT: Baking (literally) your underwear at super high temperatures causes the elastic and fabric to degrade at a much faster rate
  • DIRECT SUNLIGHT: Sunlight, as good as it is, is a major contributing factor to colors fading and to the degradation of the elastic and fabric
  • FABRIC SOFTENER & BLEACH: While these were great on your old tighty-whities, modern materials and fabrics do not need them to maintain that silky smooth feel