Sprinter 1.0 Thong

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The Sprinter 1.0 Thong is made from a comfortable and flexible spandex modal, making it extremely lightweight and breathable.  Perfect for the guy who craves support but needs a roomy pouch and wants to feel freedom of movement.  Great for runners, dancers and yoga enthusiasts who know that less is more.  Made from 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane.

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Written by M.E. on 12th Mar 2017

I love it

ordering at least one more in each color. Love everything about this thong. soft and comfy pouch, tiny back that makes you feel you are not wearing anything, great fabric... I just love this one

Written by David F on 30th Oct 2016

I too, was skeptical....

But after trying the other thongs available and having great success with those, I thought I would give these a try. My hesitation was that it was more "brief" looking and it would be tight and uncomfortable. It isn't! This is a great thong, and for those guys that haven't tried thongs you really should. They are not as "intrusive" as you think and are fantastic for hot summer days or vacations in the tropics. Or if you're wearing a pair of slacks you don't want underwear lines showing through. ;-)

Written by undefined on 1st May 2015

Sexy Comfort

I know one might not associate comfort with a thong, but this one does the trick. The material is soft and sleek, so it makes you feel like a winner. Good alternative for a dance belt.