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The Flyer Thong is super sexy, sensual design that leaves little to the imagination, thanks to an opening atop the pouch that gives a glimpse into what's inside. Pouch is contoured to lift and support. Made of 85% Polyester and 15% Elastane.

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Written by David F on 14th Sep 2016

Great product

I always kinda skipped over the thong section, but while they were having a sale I decided to take a look. I bought one of these and WOW - the fit, feel and fabric are all fantastic. Plus I love the opening at the top for when the man tries to escape his fabric confines. I really like that these are not as "brief like" as some of their former thongs. Nice job guys!

Written by Austin H. on 26th Jun 2016

Comfy and fun!

Love this thong! Back string is still nice and comfy, as is the overall cut. The opening in the front is both a fun tease and functional as a fly, so unlike most thongs it's easy to wear with normal pants! Fabric is great for a sexy front panel (though I'm not sure I'd like it around my hips or rear).